America outraged over teacher moonlighting as porn star, but Europe is not?

8 03 2012

If you don’t know who Stacie Halas is, then you will soon enough. News of her moonlighting as a porn star is rocking the Oxnard School District where she was teaching middle school science and was recently put on administrative leave.
I am not quite sure what to think about it. If I caught my son looking at the type of porn she was in, I’d be livid with him… Hoping I had taught him better than to expose himself to unrealistic expectations of sex. On the other hand, porn is so commonplace on the web, can we expect our teenage boys not to look? (Females too…) Did Halas ruin her own teaching career by working as a porn star? Or does she have a right to do what she wants when not in school? Is Halas a bad person? It seems as though America is condemning her while Europe, especially the UK, says to let her do what she wants as long as it isn’t in the classroom.
One thing for sure is, none of her students will ever see her the same way again, nevertheless, be able to focus in class again.