Obama gets worst ratings for State of the Union address

30 01 2014

As much as I’d like to give my haters what they want and agree that Obama is failing, the bottom like is this:
No one cares, period. (Yes some do but not enough.)
Too many are disenfranchised from the electoral process, it doesn’t matter who is president. I think john McCain and Romney would have had just as bad or a worse turnout for their state of the union because, well… We are tired. Of the same ole bs.
Not sure when we will care again when we have streaming video and the internet.




2 responses

31 01 2014

He’s a nice person. Good ideas. Gives great speeches. Leadership qualities, had some, now beat down. He does not have enough “Asshole” in him. Looking at him, he seems exhausted and beat.

31 01 2014

I see him, I see a man who wants to quit. Cannot blame, but he’s President,

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