I’m in love … with Paris!

6 01 2014

After an eight day trip to Paris, I have come back with a new perspective on life and the world and America and my hometown and so much much more. 

In a city established several thousands of years ago, compared to the US and especially my little hometown of Ventura, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Maybe i turned a blind eye, but in Paris, i saw no blatant racism or condemnation over religious issues. I didn’t hear bickering over immigrants. Obesity appears to be a nonissue. It seems more people smoke cigarettes there than here but we have more people dying from lung cancer. People are open about sex and the human body. They aren’t ashamed about nudity. There is a certain richness, decadence, to the lifestyle of Parisians but it is all so very authentic, it makes me wonder what the hell we are doing here. 

My eight days in Paris has me on a mind bender right now. Not sure I will ever be the same.




One response

6 01 2014

I’m soooooooooo jealous………WHEN ARE YOU GOING BACK??? Take me with you.

Better yet, let’s do Eat, Pray, Love in Paris.

love ya,


PS: Good to see you blogging again

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