Massage Parlors in Ventura–who’s to blame?

1 08 2013

In June, the Massage parlor across the street from my work at the corner of Main and Fir streets in Ventura–and I am referring to the one that has shaded windows and a very small waiting room, right next to Elixir and Ventiki–was the scene of a horrific crime. The sole woman there was confronted by a man just released on parole, was raped repeatedly and beaten and her only words were no police. We know the owner of the parlor is Jimi of Jimi’s Tattoos in Port Hueneme. I haven’t asked him yet if I can talk to his staff about their career “choice” yet. Maybe I should.

But it really gets under my skin that we know nothing about whether these women are actually choosing these careers or paying off some debt to come to America. I am open minded and think we should just legalize prostitution and regulate it. I am not for women who fear the police after being brutally beaten.

I just saw a man walk into the parlor just a few minutes. My first instinct was to go talk to him when he was done with his massage about his experience, about whether or not he knew anything about the women who work there other than whether they have soft hands or calloused hands. Since the city of Ventura acts like it has it hands tied, it won’t set aside money to do repeated sting operations on suspicious outlets, I wonder if there was some way to stop the demand–talk to the customers, wait outside until they are finished–then maybe finally we could get some traction on this.

As i stated before, I am all for LEGALIZING prostitution and regulating it but what we are doing right now, what we don’t know about these women, the owners of these parlors, it’s not right. What can be done?




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9 08 2013

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15 08 2013

Are Libshits happy?

The Orwellian video of a young boy praying to Obama and thanking him for providing for his family as if Obama were God Himself is not just a horrifying viral video — it is a true symbol of what government is today. To many, government IS God.

15 08 2013

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