Being a responsible dog owner–PICK UP YOUR POOP!

3 12 2008

doggie-pooper-scooperTaken from

So we know this above scenario just isn’t going to happen–this weekend, i had just about enough of my neighbor not walking her dog on a leash and letting it roam and poop freely wherever it so choosed.

Seeing my son nearly step in two massive piles of it, i did something rather bold: Picked it up for my neighbor, put it nicely in a bag on her front steps and asked the dog to not sh!t in our yard again.

OK, so maybe i went a little too far. I mean, who wants to come home to crap on their front door step, in a bag or not. But seriously, poop just isn’t going to disappear on its own.

It is disgusting and foul and no one should have to suffer another person’s irresponsible ways. And besides that, it is illegal.

So here is my request, no wait, my demand! PICK UP YOUR CRAP! Your neighbors and friends shouldn’t have to go knocking on your door asking you to pick it up. Take care of your dogs’ crap so you won’t get a bag of poop on your front door step. And no, it wasn’t lit on fire.

Thank you,

The disgruntled neighbor




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