Thinking about Oxnard’s new city manager

11 04 2014

After reading this today, it got me thinking… Is there really ever a right person to manager an entire city. My gosh, look at Bell ! What a crying shame that was! Oxnard has had its own issues. Modesto too. Recently, though, I have had a couple of people come to me about trying to stave off what may be a disaster in the making with Greg Nyhoff. I, however, have a little more faith in Nyhoff. I can’t really explain why at this point — it’s a gut feeling– and I may eat my words later, but I am open to giving this guy a chance. After all, given Oxnard’s track record, who would actually be willing to take on such a task? And as far as I can tell, even though Modesto has various difficult and frustrating shortcomings under Nyhoff’s leadership, he took his position in Modesto on the brink of the Great Recession. Having lived in the Central Valley from 2006-2008 and I was in regular communication with friends there afterward, I truly know how bad it got and whoever was in charge at that time had quite a task to deal with. Since Modesto didn’t fall off into the great abyss of insolvency, I’d say, bravo. You didn’t leave your city in shambles. And that’s more than most could have hoped for.

I know as a journalist, I have due diligence to report and keep our local officials in check, but I’d hate to throw the baby out with the bath water. In fact, this guy hasn’t even gotten into the tub yet. Still, though, Oxnard needs a courageous and ethical leader at its helm. I hope Nyhoff is the one and the City Council made the best decision… I’m optimistic.

Obama gets worst ratings for State of the Union address

30 01 2014

As much as I’d like to give my haters what they want and agree that Obama is failing, the bottom like is this:
No one cares, period. (Yes some do but not enough.)
Too many are disenfranchised from the electoral process, it doesn’t matter who is president. I think john McCain and Romney would have had just as bad or a worse turnout for their state of the union because, well… We are tired. Of the same ole bs.
Not sure when we will care again when we have streaming video and the internet.

If I hear one more Republican saying…

24 01 2014

nonsense like this:

I swear I’m gonna…. Go about my regular business because it’s just not surprising any more.

In my opinion, most likely these few vocal extreme right wingers will be the demise of their party.

The 2014 political landscape could change drastically after November. Only time will tell. Time for some damage control, and maybe some duct tape for these loudmouths who clearly have no idea how damaging their words are.

I’m in love … with Paris!

6 01 2014

After an eight day trip to Paris, I have come back with a new perspective on life and the world and America and my hometown and so much much more. 

In a city established several thousands of years ago, compared to the US and especially my little hometown of Ventura, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Maybe i turned a blind eye, but in Paris, i saw no blatant racism or condemnation over religious issues. I didn’t hear bickering over immigrants. Obesity appears to be a nonissue. It seems more people smoke cigarettes there than here but we have more people dying from lung cancer. People are open about sex and the human body. They aren’t ashamed about nudity. There is a certain richness, decadence, to the lifestyle of Parisians but it is all so very authentic, it makes me wonder what the hell we are doing here. 

My eight days in Paris has me on a mind bender right now. Not sure I will ever be the same.

Massage Parlors in Ventura–who’s to blame?

1 08 2013

In June, the Massage parlor across the street from my work at the corner of Main and Fir streets in Ventura–and I am referring to the one that has shaded windows and a very small waiting room, right next to Elixir and Ventiki–was the scene of a horrific crime. The sole woman there was confronted by a man just released on parole, was raped repeatedly and beaten and her only words were no police. We know the owner of the parlor is Jimi of Jimi’s Tattoos in Port Hueneme. I haven’t asked him yet if I can talk to his staff about their career “choice” yet. Maybe I should.

But it really gets under my skin that we know nothing about whether these women are actually choosing these careers or paying off some debt to come to America. I am open minded and think we should just legalize prostitution and regulate it. I am not for women who fear the police after being brutally beaten.

I just saw a man walk into the parlor just a few minutes. My first instinct was to go talk to him when he was done with his massage about his experience, about whether or not he knew anything about the women who work there other than whether they have soft hands or calloused hands. Since the city of Ventura acts like it has it hands tied, it won’t set aside money to do repeated sting operations on suspicious outlets, I wonder if there was some way to stop the demand–talk to the customers, wait outside until they are finished–then maybe finally we could get some traction on this.

As i stated before, I am all for LEGALIZING prostitution and regulating it but what we are doing right now, what we don’t know about these women, the owners of these parlors, it’s not right. What can be done?

In rare form

1 08 2013

Conservative and libertarian nutjobs (not all of them are) are out in rare form now that Limbaugh and Hannity are being canceled. Must be a sad feeling knowing the rest of this country isn’t putting with your close-minded, crazy BS anymore.

Is the obsession over abortion about controlling women, or perhaps even a race issue?

24 07 2013

I can’t escape the madness of politicians’ obsession with tougher restrictions on abortions and belittling women’s right to choose. I was thinking, perhaps, these men who keep making these laws really truly care about life and don’t want more “children” (fetuses) being murdered. BUT if that were really the case, wouldn’t they be making just as many tough laws on men to ensure women wouldn’t be getting pregnant in the first place.?Why wouldn’t they make men indentured servants to these children BY LAW just as they are forcing women to carry the pregnancy of unwanted children?
So, let’s face it. This isn’t about saving these precious unborn children–because if they REALLY cared about children they wouldn’t approve of poverty wages and stripping the welfare system. Further, if they REALLY REALLY cared about children, they wouldn’t legally FORCE women to have children who will not be cared for by their biological parents and possibly be tossed around the foster system.
So we KNOW they don’t care about children since it’s obvious children’s needs come last, then is this about women? Is this about making sure women aren’t promiscuous? Is that about controlling women, shaming them and making sure they are barefoot and pregnant AND HELPLESS in society, chasing around as many rug rats as possible? Is this about keeping us in our place? Or even a crazier notion, maybe it’s a race issue since the only lawmakers I am aware of that keep bringing up the issue are white… Maybe these white male lawmakers want to make sure the white race carries on as white females have more abortions than any other race:
Reported Legal Abortions by Race of Woman Who Obtained Abortion

United States WHITE: 52.4% BLACK: 40.2% OTHER: 7.3% (AKA minorities make up 47.5/47.6 %)

Maybe that’s the real deal. We know it has nothing to do with saving lives of unborn children since, if you don’t care about the ones already living, anyone who cares about ones who aren’t born must be insane. (I recall a story about a woman who smoked crack all the way through her pregnancy and how severely underweight it was. While abortion may not have been an option this woman was considering, SURELY lawmakers need to ensure not just that these children are born, but are protected in the womb. Maybe pregnant women should be institutionalized and all fetuses protected. Oh wait. That’s an INSANE notion… That lawmakers who force women to have babies should also make laws that ensure these children are healthy.)
It might be about keeping us ladies knocked up and pregnant, running around chasing kids while the men rule the country.
Or… crazier, it might be a race issue since the only lawmakers throwing a fit about abortions are…. White.
I dunno.
I just can’t stand this nonsense any more. And while I am not a big fan of abortions, women should have safe access to them. AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND FREE BIRTH CONTROL for all women, especially the IUD.
If you won’t let us have and pay for safe abortions, surely you know the excessive cost on taxpayers to pay for children, from home to school to every other aspect of their lives. So… GIVE us free birth control, since … it has become abundantly clear lawmakers don’t care how many women a man knocks up and the loose laws around child support, etc, and NO laws against knocking up as many women a man wants to. So give us the ability to prevent abortion by preventing pregnancy.
I feel better now. Let the games begin.


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